Oppo A16 Price in Pakistan

Oppo A16 Price in Pakistan: An All-Encompassing Guide

The Oppo A16 is an entry-level smartphone that has gained popularity in the Pakistani market due to its balance of features and affordability. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the Oppo A16 price in Pakistan, exploring various factors that influence its pricing and providing a detailed table of current prices.

Price Variations of Oppo A16 in Pakistan

The Oppo A16 comes in two variants, each with different RAM configurations:

VariantRAMPrice in PKR
Oppo A16 3GB3GB23,999
Oppo A16 4GB4GB32,999

Factors Affecting Oppo A16 Price in Pakistan

Several factors contribute to the Oppo A16 price in Pakistan, including:

  • RAM configuration: The 4GB RAM variant naturally costs more due to its enhanced performance capabilities.
  • Market demand and supply: Fluctuations in demand and supply can directly impact the price of the Oppo A16.
  • Taxes and import duties: Applicable taxes and import duties add to the overall cost of the smartphone.

Where to Buy Oppo A16 in Pakistan

You can purchase the Oppo A16 from various retailers across Pakistan, including:

  • Official Oppo stores: These stores provide the latest Oppo smartphones at the official prices.
  • Online retailers: Renowned online retailers like Daraz and Amazon offer the Oppo A16 at competitive prices.
  • Local mobile phone shops: You can easily find the Oppo A16 at local mobile phone shops throughout Pakistan.

Tips for Finding the Best Deal on Oppo A16 in Pakistan

  • Shop around and compare prices: Compare prices from various retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Consider refurbished models: Refurbished Oppo A16 models are often available at a discounted price.
  • Check for promotions and discounts: Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts offered by retailers to save money.


The Oppo A16 stands as a compelling choice for those seeking an affordable smartphone without compromising on essential features. It offers a decent display, a capable processor, and a long-lasting battery, making it a suitable option for budget-minded consumers.

Table of Oppo A16 Prices in Pakistan

VariantRAMCurrent Price in PKR
Oppo A16 3GB3GB23,999
Oppo A16 4GB4GB32,999

FAQs: OPPO A16 Price in Pakistan

Q: What is the price of the OPPO A16 in Pakistan?

A: The OPPO A16 price in Pakistan starts at PKR 23,999 for the 3GB RAM/32GB ROM variant. The price of the 4GB RAM/64GB ROM variant is PKR 26,999, and the price of the 4GB RAM/256GB ROM variant is PKR 32,999.

Q: Where can I buy the OPPO A16 in Pakistan?

A: You can buy the OPPO A16 from various retailers in Pakistan, including:

  • Official OPPO stores
  • Online retailers such as Daraz.pk, Amazon.pk, and OLX.pk
  • Local mobile phone shops

Q: What are the specifications of the OPPO A16?

A: The OPPO A16 has the following specifications:

  • Display: 6.52-inch IPS LCD
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G35
  • RAM: 3GB or 4GB
  • Storage: 32GB, 64GB, or 256GB
  • Rear cameras: 13MP main, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth
  • Front camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Operating system: Android 11 with ColorOS 11.1

Q: What are the pros and cons of the OPPO A16?

A: The pros of the OPPO A16 include:

  • Large display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Affordable price

The cons of the OPPO A16 include:

  • Mediatek Helio G35 processor is not the most powerful
  • Single speaker
  • No expandable storage on the 3GB RAM/32GB ROM variant

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